Our Story

Cosmic Nectar is currently made up of two beautiful souls, each of us having experience in the health industry, also having a strong background and knowledge in regards to the superfoods world. We have seen firsthand the array of amazing physical and mental benefits these foods can offer individuals. The ability of these substances has been mind-opening through consumer’s testimonies. People are truly able to exist on a higher frequency and raise their vibration through consistent use.

We were concerned that most people wouldn’t have access to these foods and wouldn’t be able to take them over a long period of time because of the huge markup. Instinctually when you come across large brands that supply adaptogenic herbs and blends you feel OK with the price and quantity, so you pay for the price of health. We recognized that these powerful products should be available to all. Period. We are here to be the change we saw as necessary in this industry.

Each source is carefully selected and there is absolutely no sacrifice when it comes to quality, in any way.

Cosmic Nectar vows to provide incredible quality at a cosmic price point. This way you can feel great about making the shift during this critical turning point in our world.



"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" - Hippocrates